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Israel updates

April 12, 2024

In my limited time, it can be difficult to collect and post updated information regarding Israel’s war against terror. Certain aspects of the war continue to change and escalate on a daily (sometimes hourly) basis.

Here are some trusted sources with continuous updates to keep you informed regarding news coming out of Israel…

I.D.F (Israel’s Defense Force YouTube channel)

I.D.S.F. (Israel's Defense and Security Forum) Zoom webinars

Don Stewart’s YouTube channel

Amir Tsarfati (YouTube, Telegram)

Jack Hibbs (YouTube)

John Haller (Fellowship Bible Chapel YouTube)

IDSF webinars November 13th – 16th 2023

Speakers include:

Moshe Davis, Brigadier General Amir Avivi, Danny Seaman, Lt. Col. Yaron Buskila, Or Yissachar, Alex Traiman, Mordechai Kedar

· JNS is a solid news source for truthful information regarding Israel’s war against terror

· IDF has supplied over 8,000 rifles to over 700 squads for more people to carry weapons in case Israel’s homeland is invaded again (the target is to supply over 20,000 rifles)

· The IDF continues to advance in Gaza, hundreds of terror tunnels destroyed

· Hezbollah is getting bolder, the IDF is not sure how intense the fighting in the north will get, but are prepared nonetheless

· Hezbollah teeters back and forth between fully entering the war and launching sporadic attacks, they continue to taunt and harass Israel with “drip drop” attacks

· Since Hezbollah hasn’t yet fully entered the conflict, they know they have lost the element of surprise because Israel is fully prepared to defend the northern border

· Since Iran uses Hezbollah as their “shield”, they don’t want to lose them in a war against Israel so they haven’t sent them in… yet

· International pressure continues to grow against Israel, however, Brigadier General Avivi traveled to Brussels for international conferences, meeting with many heads of state to garner support and found there is more support for Israel than he anticipated, only the very far political left is supporting Hamas at this time

· As of November 14th, over 9,000 missiles have been launched by terrorists from Gazan civilian locations towards the civilian population inside Israel

· Israel continues to care for Gazan civilians more than the Gazan leadership does, the IDF takes their time in order to protect civilians whereas Hamas uses them as human shields

· Israel has three divisions inside Gaza, after successful operations in northern Gaza, the divisions will head south

· Shifa Hospital in Gaza… the area is strategically important, Hamas leadership were located under the hospital in the tunnels, the IDF entered the hospital and brought some journalists along with them to show the media the terror tunnels below, many weapons were located and seized including RPGs and rockets, Hamas guard schedules were found as well as tools used to hold hostages captive, the terror tunnels are boobytrapped and in some instances could even topple the hospital, the IDF must be very vigilant

· Once the IDF has complete control of the area, Shifa Hospital will function as it was supposed to… as a hospital, rather than a Hamas stronghold

· Mainstream media is still quick to believe whatever Hamas says, but when Israel gives facts to disprove Hamas claims, the media is slow to respond and issue corrections (the October 17th hospital incident for example when Israel was initially blamed for the attack, when in reality, it was a failed missile launch from terrorists inside Gaza)

· Hamas continues to use civilian infrastructure as bases of operations (schools, hospitals)

· Before entering terror strongholds such as hospitals, the IDF makes sure the international community knows what’s happening, and why they’re going in, that these locations are Hamas strongholds… unfortunately, this takes time and allows for the terrorists to flee and boobytrap the tunnels as they leave

November 9th, 2023:

Talking points from IDSF webinars November 6th – November 9th 2023

Speakers and guest speakers included Moshe Davis, Brig. Gen. Amir Avivi, Brig. Gen. Ari Singer, Ariel Kahane, Jonathan Conricus, Mayor/Lt. Col. Oded Revivi

· IDF has completely detached northern Gaza, fierce street fighting around Gaza City

· IDF combat engineers are destroying Hamas tunnels, dealing with traps and IEDs

· An estimated 20,000 Hamas terrorists have been eliminated so far

· IDF facing challenges from Gaza, Lebanon, Syria, and Lebanon

· Israel still has international support despite a rise in antisemitism

· IDF still operating inside Judea and Samaria… over 1,500 terrorists arrested

· Many Arab Jews are assisting IDF fight against Hamas

· There is a strong alliance between the Israel and the United States

· IDF is taking control of northern Gaza, operating inside Gaza City

· Numerous Hamas strongholds destroyed

· Hamas is becoming limited in how they attack

· IDF is securing weapons located inside schools

· The more ground incursion inside Gaza, the more Hezbollah attacks from the north

· Hezbollah has suffered numerous losses

· Hamas stockpiles weapons in tunnels that arrive from the border with Egypt

· Hamas uses hospitals, mosques, schools, UN buildings, & ambulances to launch attacks

· Hamas still using human shields, even shooting civilians to keep them from leaving

· IDF has reached the heart of Hamas command and leadership

· Hamas leadership is disintegrating, loosing the ability to coordinate attacks

· Hamas leaders are hiding in bunkers

· Other than a brief time to release hostages, Israel won’t agree to any ceasefire

· 800 Hamas members have been arrested in Judea and Samaria

· Hezbollah has fired over 50 rockets into Israel over the last couple days

· Israeli police are arming and training over 700 squads to defend the homeland

· 50 Hamas terrorists were killed near Gaza City in a single day

· Hamas keeps calling for a ceasefire because they are collapsing

· Hezbollah still firing missiles and mortars from the northern border

· More terrorists arrested and some eliminated from Judea and Samaria

November 2nd, 2023:

Notes from several IDSF webinars over the last few days

Guest speakers included:

· Moshe Davis, Danny Seaman, Brig. Gen. Amir Avivi, Or Yissachar, Ronit Farkash, Edward Bloom, Elie Pierpz, Ayoob Kara, Josh Reinstein

Update of events:

· As of October 24th, over 120,000 Israeli’s have been displaced from their homes

· Israel’s economy is moving forward

· Many world heads of state have visited Israel as the government remains in constant communication with world leaders

· Many senior members of the IDF were called up from the IDSF

· Israel is ready should Hezbollah escalate attacks from the northern border with Lebanon

· Many Hezbollah terrorists have been eliminated

· The IDSF is in constant communication with PM Netanyahu

· Information is a large part of the war, Hamas uses the media much like the communists did in Vietnam when they used the media to garner sympathy and stir up Marxism in America and the west… many Palestinians are trained by these people on how to use the media to their advantage… even if it means pushing false narratives… in other words, the media is used to make the aggressors appear as the victims, there are even times when the media is allowed to become imbedded within the terrorist groups as they present themselves as “humanitarians” and build personal relationships with members of the media to manipulate how they report on the war

o As an example of this, look how quick the world media was to blame Israel for the hospital bombing when in reality, it was a failed missile launch from within Gaza itself by Iranian terror proxies that hit the parking lot, not the hospital itself

o Another example of this is how photos taken from the Syrian civil war are used to portray as events happening in Gaza as the media again blames Israel

o Terrorists have also been known to threaten reporters if they don’t like the way the media is portraying them to the world

· Hamas continues to launch missiles into Israel

· The Houthi terror group announced they will join Hamas in attacking Israel

· Quatar is supporting Hamas, pushing false negotiations to stall for time

· 11 IDF soldiers were recently killed as an anti-tank missile struck the back of an APC

· Israel’s ground forces are fully engaged in Gaza, there is fierce fighting as Israel is currently focusing on northern Gaza where the heart of Hamas is located

· Israel’s navy, air force, and army are gaining ground in Gaza, they are doing everything they can to locate hostages

· Missiles with 400kg of explosives have been fired towards Israel from Yemen… the United States and Saudi Arabia have intercepted these missiles

· Over a thousand terrorists have been arrested and over one hundred have been killed in Judea and Samaria (West Bank), many of these terrorists are “copycats” looking to repeat the invasion of October 7th

· Israel and the international community have agreed to allow humanitarian aid into southern Gaza

· The Belgian government has recently taken to falsely accusing Israel of aggression

· Iran continues to support Hamas, Hezbollah, Houthis, and other terror proxies and they all follow the same pattern… launch attacks against Israel and then blame them when they counter-attack

· The terrorists frequently use men, women, and children as human shields, in fact, many terror leaders have called to sacrifice civilians rather than evacuate them

· Gaza City is surrounded by the IDF as Israel has hundreds of tanks and APCs inside Gaza

· The IDF is well coordinated (army, air force)

· Much of the terrorist underground infrastructure has been destroyed, most houses inside Gaza are interconnected to these underground terror tunnels

· Israel is prepared for a long war, production of weaponry is in full operation as Israel’s economy is strong and prepared

· Hezbollah keeps firing anti-tank missiles from the north, the IDF has eliminated many groups of terrorists in the area

· Two recent attacks from Yemen have been foiled

· Hezbollah forces have been moving from the Golan Heights to the northern border to bolster numbers

· Israel’s cities and towns are training to defend themselves in case of another invasion

October 23rd, 2023

Update on Israel’s war with terrorism

IDSF webinar with:

· Moshe Davis

· Brig. Gen. Amir Avivi

Special guest speakers:

o Danny Ayalon (former Israeli ambassador to the U.S.)

o Jessica Barazani (expert in national and international security, IDSF communications officer)

Update of events:

· Iran is the mastermind behind the violence in the Middle East, they want to disrupt/destroy peace agreements such as the Abraham Accords

· Iran has a long reach throughout the Middle East and even farther into places such as Africa (Boko Haram terror cell for example)

· Many in the west are waking up to this reality and beginning to understand that this global terror regime must be stopped

· Israel does not expect support from nations such as China and Russia

o China is the main financial supporter of Israel’s enemies

o Russia is the main supplier of military tech and intelligence to Israel’s enemies

· Israel is the lone piece in the Middle East fighting against global terrorism, which, if left unchallenged, would fundamentally affect and change Europe as we know it, which would lead straight into the United States

· After Hamas is eliminated, Hezbollah must be dealt with, and eventually Iran itself

· Peace and normalization between Israel and Arab nations in the area would help shape and control a modern Middle East

· Palestinians must reject terror ideology and accept Israel’s right to exist in the land in order to have peace

· Israeli police were forced into the front lines when the invasion began, a role that is normally occupied by Israel’s army, the police displayed amazing bravery in defending Israel and many police officers were killed protecting others

· There have been over 500 arrests in Judea and Samaria (commonly referred to as the West Bank), most of them were aligned with Iranian terror proxies

· Israel is almost completely organized for the coming ground offensive inside the Gaza Strip, the military is just waiting for the government to give the “go ahead

· Israeli society is changing as many people are waking up to the constant threat to the nation, most are embracing the IDF’s operational goals

· When the IDSF receives resources and volunteers, they are distributed to places where they will be best utilized

· The IDSF is helping families cope with “everyday” household issues (like home repairs and “normal” errands) while husbands/fathers/sons are deployed into the war

October 19th, 2023

Update on Israel’s war with Hamas terrorists

IDSF webinar with:

· Moshe Davis

· Brig. Gen. Amir Avivi

· Special guest speaker Ambassador Eli Yerushalmi

War update:

· Ground campaign inside Gaza is imminent, Israel has an obligation to destroy Hamas

· Israel will focus on Hamas in Gaza first, unless Hezbollah launches an all-out attack from the north, which will force Israel into a two-front war… Israel is prepared for this

· There is only one way to end Hamas inside Gaza… the ground campaign

· Egypt continues to constantly undermine Israel despite their presumption of “peace

· Egypt continues to allow weapon deliveries into Gaza for use against Israel

Ambassador Yerushalmi’s comments:

· This is the worst war Israel has experienced since the State’s reestablishment in 1948, the atrocities against Israeli civilians are unspeakable

· The Ambassador discussed public relations during wartime:

o The better PR a nation has during wartime, the harder they were hit

o Israel having so much international support at the onset of this war should tell you just how hard they were hit back on October 7th

o However, the further away from October 7th we get, the more the world will forget just how bad it was and Israel will begin losing some of that support

o Much like September 11th, 2001… initially America was totally unified and had unconditional international support, but as time went on, many began to forget just how destructive the event was (the shock of the event was over) and support waned… the same thing is beginning to happen in Israel today

o The more Israel gains the advantage in this war and the more enemy casualties increase, the more support Israel will lose with the international community

· Israel will keep moving forward, even despite international pressure, perhaps even coming from America itself, Israel must defend itself from enemies who want nothing more than to kill every Israeli and Jewish citizen

· The world is divided in two:

o America and the western nations

o Russia/China/Iran and the eastern nations

o Israel finds herself in the midst of all of it

· When it comes to Iran:

o Hamas is expendable to them

o Hezbollah has more value, Iran has more invested in them than Hamas

October 18th, 2023

**Additional intel added, 10/18 5:45pm EST

-Updated reports indicate the parking lot of the hospital in Gaza appears to have suffered the most damage from the missile that came from within Gaza itself, possibly launched by a proxy terror group such as the I.J.

Update on Israel’s war with Hamas terrorists

IDSF webinar with:

· Moshe Davis

· Brig. Gen. Amir Avivi

· Special guest speaker, a former senior officer in the Mossad

o this guest speaker’s identity was withheld for security purposes, Gen. Avivi referred to this individual as a type of “James Bond” with extensive experience

**Another reminder to everyone keeping up to date with the war in Israel… Hamas is using the media to launch an information war against Israel. For example, the recent developments regarding the destruction of a hospital in Gaza in which the terrorists blamed the IDF, when in reality, the hospital was destroyed by a failed missile launch from within Gaza itself.

The false narrative pushed by Hamas caused some international pressure upon Israel, and by the time facts are revealed, many people are already emotionally compromised and holding Israel responsible for something Hamas has done.

Truth becomes irrelevant to those who base reality upon emotion, not facts.

· President Biden visited Israel and showed America’s full support

· Israel and the US are in total agreement that Hamas must be eliminated, including through the use of the forthcoming IDF ground offensive

· Ground operations are still being prepared, the soldiers are trained and equipped but Israel wants to ensure they are sent into Gaza under the best possible circumstances as the Israeli Air Force continues to target terrorist infrastructure within the area

· Israel wants to ensure civilians in Gaza are evacuated south, away from the fighting

· Talks are being held on how to ensure Gaza never again becomes a hub for terrorism

· Israel has an obligation to its population to ensure border security, including the border with Egypt and Gaza

· Egypt is still refusing to open the border, allowing civilians entry into the Sinai Peninsula

· Israel’s mission in Gaza is straightforward… go in and eliminate Hamas, the “trickier” part comes after Hamas is eliminated… how to deal with Iran and Hezbollah

· Regarding the recent destruction of the hospital inside Gaza

o A barrage of ten rockets were fired by Hamas from within Gaza in the vicinity of the hospital when one of them misfired, striking the hospital

o Numerous intelligence agencies and video evidence prove this

o Even Hamas leadership was aware of the situation only minutes after it had occurred

o However, Hamas still used this incident in an attempt to garner international sympathy based upon a lie… Israel was blamed for something they didn’t do

· Currently, Israel is engaged in a single war theatre with Gaza, however, there is the potential for several more theatres to begin…

o A regional conflict

o Conflict within Judea and Samaria

o Conflict in the north with Hezbollah (Lebanon and Syria)

o Even Iran itself (should they launch an attack from inside the country)

· The American presence in the Middle East is stronger than it has been in recent years and is a large deterrent that is causing Iran and Hezbollah to rethink their strategies

· Pressure must be kept on Iran to ensure this conflict doesn’t evolve into a global war

October 17th, 2023

Update on Israel’s war with Hamas terrorists

IDSF webinar with Moshe Davis, Brig. Gen. Amir Avivi, Or Yissachar

· The border with Lebanon is experiencing some anti-tank fire, but the border is mostly contained, Hezbollah hasn’t “officially” entered into the war… yet

· Hezbollah is being restrained because…

o Iran doesn’t want to lose their military capabilities and expose themselves

o Most Lebanese citizens don’t want war with Israel

o Israel is fully prepared for war in the north

o American presence is a clear deterrent to Iran

· Israeli homes near the Lebanese border have been evacuated in case of escalation

· Since our last report, more than 200 additional Israeli Air Force strikes have occurred inside Gaza targeting Hamas tunnels and infrastructure

· Hamas is beginning to look for international sympathy the closer Israel gets to a ground offensive campaign… their time is getting short and they know it

· Egypt is playing a “double game” in that they have “peace” with Israel, but still allow endless amounts of weapons into Gaza that are used to attack Israel

· At the moment, Israel doesn’t trust Egypt, but what makes it even more difficult is that politics, both local and international, refuse to accept these crystal clear facts that Egypt is still allowing weapons delivery into Gaza for Hamas terrorists use

· Israel knows that once Hamas is dealt with, they will have to deal with Hezbollah and Iran in the north… hopefully with American support

· If Hezbollah launches an all-out attack, Israel’s decision would be simple… but if Hezbollah keeps waiting, it could make Israel’s mission politically complicated

· General Avivi is reporting that civilian life inside Israel is slowly returning to “normal”

· Over the last 24 hours, the Iranian foreign minister began threatening a pre-emptive strike on Israel once the ground offensive begins

· Iranian proxies inside Yemen are “ready for a confrontation with Israel”

· Iranian missiles are stenciled with “Wipe Israel off the face of the earth”

· Iran now has capacity for nuclear weapons, if they should decide to move ahead with development, it would take them 2 to 3 weeks for them to develop their 90% enriched uranium into a delivery system

· There are well over a dozen nuclear facilities identified inside Iran, many are underground to protect against air strikes… Iran is clearly in violation of the nuclear agreement

· Iran has the largest collection of ground-to-ground missiles in the Middle East

· The IDSF website is constantly updated with new images and information regarding Israel’s war with Hamas as well as information about Hezbollah, Iran, and Iran’s proxies

October 16th, 2023

Update on Israel’s war with Hamas terrorists

IDSF webinar with Moshe Davis, Brig. Gen. Amir Avivi, Elie Piepre

· Air raid sirens went off just before webinar started (including within Jerusalem)

· Gen. Avivi still conducting numerous interviews with news outlets

· Hezbollah (although they fire a missile or mortar into Israel from time to time) is still reluctant to enter the war, Iran wants to keep them intact for the time being· Hezbollah knows that Israel is now fully prepared for war

· If Hezbollah draws Lebanon into a full scale war, the Lebanese population would blame Hamas, which would be counter-productive for Iran

· Israel is still concentrating on eliminating Hamas in Gaza, but knows they will eventually have to deal with Hezbollah

· Israel is still encouraging civilians in northern Gaza to flee the area before the IDF’s ground operations begin

· Hamas is still holding over 200 Israeli hostages

· Israeli troop morale is very, very high, they are ready to do what must be done

· Some Hamas leadership have been captured/eliminated in Judea and Samaria

· Numerous international heads of state have visited/are visiting Israel to see the atrocities caused by Hamas terrorists for themselves

· Israel will accomplish what needs to be accomplished, but hopes to do so with international support, the goal of the IDF is nothing short of the release of Israeli hostages and the total eradication of Hamas

· IDSF is asking supporters to contact their elected officials expressing support for Israel, the IDSF is willing to conduct webinars with elected officials and their constituents

· There is still a push for Egypt to open the border with Gaza and allow civilians entry into the Sinai Peninsula, although Egypt is “officially” at peace with Israel, they continue to push antisemitic propaganda and allow endless amounts of weaponry to be smuggled into Gaza

· Gen. Avivi compared to Egypt’s refusal to open the border to the war in Ukraine… the world would be in an uproar if surrounding European countries refused to open their borders to Ukraine civilians fleeing the war with Russia… so why is the world silent on Egypt’s refusal to open their border for civilians fleeing Gaza?

· Israeli intelligence shows Hamas leadership hiding out in Qatar and Turkey, the international community needs to put pressure on these countries to turn them over

· Gen. Avivi expressed concern that after Hamas is eliminated, international pressure will want Palestinian leadership put back in power in Gaza, which would only lead to another terror hub in that area, Israel must not make the same mistakes in allowing Gaza to become a haven for terrorists again

· America needs to support Israel to reestablish deterrence in the Middle East, something that has been lost with the Iraq and Afghanistan situations of recent years… in other words, America’s enemies view these as failures and are no longer fearful of the United States presence in the area

· Iran looks to derail the Abraham Accords… Israel’s success in eliminating Hamas would show Saudi Arabia that it would be in their best interests to ally themselves with Israel

From Amir Tsarfati’s telegram channel…

· Iran has an estimated 100,000 fighters in Syria, many of whom were trained by ISIS

· Sirens are being tested in Damascus

· Hezbollah is in possession of advanced Russian “Yakhont” type weapons that are capable of reaching 300km, they also have Iranian “Noor” type coastal missiles

· Hamas is creating the illusion of a humanitarian crisis, however, there is water, food, and medicine in Gaza

· Hamas is threatening Palestinians (yes, you read the correctly) not to head south, away from the fighting, they even set up roadblocks to keep civilians from fleeing

· Fuel trucks are entering the Gaza Strip via the Rafah crossing

· Israel is preparing for fading international support as the war continues

· Two British Ministry of Defense logistical aid ships, the Argus and Lyme Bay, are on their way to the Mediterranean

· So far, 291 Israeli soldiers have been killed since Saturday

· Reports of airstrikes in the eastern Syrian city of Albu Kamal, details are difficult to find due to censorship by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard

· Although the Lebanese stand with Palestine, PM Mikati said they have no interest in opening a front in southern Lebanon because the people are unable to bear it

· A Royal Caribbean ship has been leased by the US government to evacuate US citizens from Israel, the ship has left Haifa enroute to Cyprus where the people will have to find their own way back home

· Air raid sirens continue on Tel Aviv and Jerusalem

· Hamas members are using trucks, and pretending to be from the Ministry of Health, in order to steal fuel and medical equipment from the UNRWA

· Israeli PM Netanyahu in consistent contact with UAE President Zayed

· IDF posts on the Lebanese border report small arms and anti-tank weaponry have been fired into Israel, the IDF responded with artillery strikes on these weapon sites

· Reports in Lebanon that a Hezbollah commander was eliminated in an IDF drone strike

October 12th, 2023

Update on the war in Israel

**Another reminder… to everyone keeping up to date on the situation in Israel, please be mindful where you are getting your information from, there are many “news” outlets pushing false information, whether intentionally or unintentionally is up for debate

IDSF webinar briefing with Moshe Davis, Brigadier General Amir Avivi, and Ronit Farkash

· General Avivi is conducting numerous interviews around the clock to ensure the world is getting the truth about what’s happening inside Israel and her war with Hamas

· Israel’s northern border is still relatively quiet (for now anyway) compared to the southern border

· America’s presence in the Middle East is a great deterrent to Iran and Hezbollah

· Israeli/Arab society is standing in solidarity in the fight against terrorism

· Judea/Samaria remain relatively quiet

· Eventually there will be a large mobilization of ground forces to destroy Hamas with “boots on the ground

· Israel is experiencing strong unity within her government and armed forces

· There are more and more Israeli victims coming forward with horrific stories about what happened when Hamas terrorists attacked Israel’s civilian population

· Israel is encouraging Gaza civilians to move south away from the warzone before ground forces begin maneuvering

· There are still negotiations with Egypt to open the border to the Sinai Peninsula so civilians can escape

· The IDF will adhere to international law as they engage and eliminate Hamas

· Ronit Farkash reported from the field with members of Israel’s military

o A few soldiers gave brief interviews, they talked about where they were when Hamas invaded and how they each made their way to the front lines to defend Israel and her people

o The soldiers displayed high morale with a joyful sense of hope and gratitude for all the support they’re receiving, they are focused on the task of destroying Hamas but also miss their families

o There were soldiers from many different walks of life including students and doctors, and may very well find themselves engaged in ground combat very soon… and they’re ready for it

October 11th, 2023

Update on the war in Israel

**I said this yesterday and I’ll say it again… to everyone keeping up to date on the situation in Israel, please be mindful where you are getting your information from, there are many “news” outlets pushing false information, whether intentionally or unintentionally is up for debate

From Amir Tsarfati’s telegram channel:

· Amir was in the US when the war began, he is now back in Israel, as he landed, the surrounding area of the airport was under rocket barrage

· When asked if Russia would recognize Hamas as a terrorist organization, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov answered… “No”

· Israel has captured more than a hundred Hamas terrorists alive, during interrogation, one of the terrorists admitted that Hamas targeted young women at the music festival to abduct and “assault” them

· Hezbollah is well aware that American warships are in the area

· The US is helping replenish Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense batteries

· Israel is expecting war in the north sometime soon

· IDF has been shooting down Hamas drones

· Turkish president Erdogan is also threatening Israel

· Commanders from Iran’s Revolutionary Guard are in southern Lebanon

· Israel’s official death toll is now at 1,200… and rising

From IDSF webinar with Brig. Gen. Avivi, Moshe Davis, and Ronit Farkash:

· Israel hasn’t suffered such atrocities since the holocaust

· Israel’s government is now unified, political division is no longer an issue

· Israel is very grateful for American support, supplies have started arriving and American warships are in the area, which helps secure against Iran and Hezbollah so that Israel can focus on Hamas for the time being

· Israeli air force successfully targeting Hamas leadership

· Hamas is still functioning, firing missiles into Israel

· Gaza border is secure, Israel is still finding scattered terrorists within her borders

· Anti-tank missiles fired from Lebanon into Israel, there was a brief skirmish in which some Hezbollah terrorists were eliminated

· The US is negotiating with Egypt to open the border with Gaza so civilians can migrate to the Sinai Peninsula

October 10, 2023

Update on the war in Israel

**To everyone keeping up to date on the situation in Israel, please be mindful where you are getting your information from, there are many “news” outlets pushing false information, whether intentionally or unintentionally is up for debate.

From Amir Tsarfati’s telegram channel…

· Air raid sirens are now going off in northern Israel

· Israeli air force has began conducting strikes in Lebanon

· Heavy barrages on Tel Aviv

· Many foreign citizens were murdered by Hamas

· The death toll of Israelis is now above 1,000

· At least 40 babies were murdered by Hamas on Saturday

· Whole families were found handcuffed and executed

· Young women taken hostage were repeatedly assaulted by Hamas terrorists

· Several Israeli soldiers have been decapitated

From October 10th, 2023 IDSF webinar with Moshe Davis and Brigadier General Amir Avivi…

· More rockets fired towards central/southern Israel (including Tel Aviv)

· Israel is targeting Hamas leadership

· Israel has recovered 1,500 terrorist bodies inside her borders

· Approximately 800 terrorists have been eliminated inside Gaza, thousands injured

· Israel is shifting from defensive responses to offensive attacks

· Thirty Israeli civilians have been rescued and reunited with their families

· It is crucial that when this war ends, Hamas will be unable to rebuild, otherwise Israel will be going through the same thing again in a couple of years

· Israel finds itself in a unique strategic position because Hezbollah hasn’t fully joined the war yet, so Israel can, for the time being, concentrate most of their efforts on eliminating Hamas rather than having their forces spread thin

· Iran and Hezbollah are somewhat reluctant at the moment because of American support for Israel (munitions, warships), which gives Israel this unique strategic opportunity

· Israel’s armed forces are amazingly motivated because of what Hamas terrorists have done to civilians (men, women, children, babies, elderly)

October 9th, 2023

Israel’s Defense and Security Forum
Webinar briefing October 9th, 2023
Hosted by: Moshe Davis

Guest speaker: Brigadier General Amir Avivi

Topic: War in Israel

Talking points from the webinar:

· Webinar was briefly delayed due to air raid sirens going off in the areas where Moshe and General Avivi were broadcasting from

· Rockets could be heard passing overhead of Moshe’s location

· General Avivi’s adult children have been deployed

· Israel is “literally sending their sons and daughters off to war”

· There is unity within Israel, people are volunteering to fight and donating blood

· Hundreds of terrorists who infiltrated southern Israel have been eliminated

· Israel has regained control of the Negev area

· The defensive part of the war is almost complete, Israel is readying to go on the offense

· Hundreds of thousands of Israeli soldiers are mobilizing in the south for a massive ground campaign inside Gaza and they are fully equipped

· The goal is to conquer Gaza and eliminate Hamas, leaving them able to rebuild is unacceptable, there is no other option than to destroy them

· This war is not a local issue, its global

· These events are crucial to the national security of the United States because Russia and China need to be kept in check in the Middle East

· 30,000 Israelis have been drafted to form the National Guard, they will defend Israel’s municipalities and residential areas

· Mistakes made regarding intelligence that led up to this attack from Hamas includes Israel’s overdependence upon cyber intelligence and A.I. and not enough dependence upon human intelligence… Hamas simply went back to the “stone age” in preparing for this attack and invasion

· Iran is equipping and training Hamas

· Hamas wouldn’t have been able to carry out such a large and brutal attack/invasion without Iran’s approval and guidance… Iran is the “head of the snake” and will need to be dealt with

· Hezbollah hasn’t been much of a factor thus far because Iran doesn’t want to “waste” those resources, this is why they have mostly used Hamas in this invasion

· The IDF is mobilizing to “defend in the north” and “attack in the south”

October 8th, 2023

Israel’s Defense and Security Forum
Webinar briefing October 8th, 2023

Hosted by: Moshe Davis
Guest speaker: Brigadier General Amir Avivi

Topic: War in Israel

Talking points from the webinar:

· Israel has declared war, which hasn’t happened since the Yom Kippur war

· Today’s war is more tragic than Yom Kippur’s war because during the Yom Kippur war, soldiers were on the front lines, but this surprise attack by Hamas has put Israeli towns and civilians on the front lines

· Two officers from the IDSF have personally lost children to this attack

· Hamas began a full-scale, coordinated attack at 6:30 AM yesterday as thousands of missiles were launched at Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and into southern Israel

· Simultaneously, hundreds of Hamas terrorists penetrated into Israel, attacking 22 villages, 2 towns, and multiple military installations

· Hamas attacked men, women, children (as young as five years old), and the elderly

· Drone bombers were used in the attack

· More than 600 Israeli civilians and soldiers were killed, with more than 2,000 injured

· Dozens of Israeli civilians have been abducted and taken into Gaza

· The devastation in just a couple days has already equaled the six-day-war

· Israel is focusing on regaining full control and eliminating all terrorists who invaded inside Israel, as well as focusing on securing the border

· Israeli civilians, soldiers, and officers have displayed immense bravery, their heroism will be spoken about for years to come

· This invasion and attack comes as a result of an intelligence failure on a tactical level

· Most attacks are in southern Israel as military divisions are being mobilized, the northern command is on high alert to prevent Hezbollah from entering the war

· Reinforcements are being sent to Judea and Samaria

· The entire nation is still in shock, there isn’t much to report concerning protesting and rioting inside Israel’s borders

· Israel needs to gain control of the Gaza Strip and completely destroy Hamas

· Israel also needs to end the threat of Hamas altogether, rather than suffer through endless attacks only to allow Hamas to regroup and attack again, this war is about the long-term goal of preventing Hamas from ever rebuilding as Israel will destroy the terror group’s infrastructure and leadership

· 70% of Hamas’ funding comes from Iran, Hamas is basically Iran’s militia

· Iran wants to thwart the alliance between Israel and Saudi Arabia, this in turn harms American interests in the region because that alliance between Israel and the Saudis help stop Chinese and Russian expansion in the Middle East, so America’s best interests are to support Israel

· Israel is receiving support from the Americans as well as several E.U. countries

· The U.A.E. isn’t supporting Israel because they don’t want to go against the Palestinians

· Israel’s people are strong, united, calm, and resolute

· Much of the mainstream media is not reporting on the grotesque atrocities that are happening in Israel’s streets

· More webinars are tentatively scheduled in the coming days

September 19th, 2023

IDSF webinar

U.S. – Israel relations in light of P.M Netanyahu’s visit

Host: Moshe Davis

Guest speaker: Daniel Seaman

Daniel is Israel’s Defense and Security Forum’s (I.D.S.F.) liaison to the Christian community and spent much of his life in the United States, his father served in the U.S. Air Force. Two of Daniel’s children are currently serving in the Israeli Defense Force (I.D.F.).

Talking points during the webinar:

· Israel – U.S. relations are extremely important

· Daniel acknowledged that we are living in the times the prophets of old foretold about

· When the State of Israel was established in 1948, then-president Truman prayed for direction and was led to support the re-establishment of the Jewish State

· The Jewish population at that time was around 600,000, and Israel even absorbed Jewish refugees for the surrounding area

· Between 1948 and 1967, Israel was, for the most part, left to fend for herself, after the six-day-war, the U.S. increased support for the nation

· Yearly financial packages sent from the U.S. to Israel greatly benefit Americans as the overwhelming majority of these funds are used to purchase equipment from the U.S., benefitting almost every state

· The U.S. also invests in Israeli technology as both countries share intelligence, greatly benefiting from one another

· The “Star Wars” program under President Reagan helped pave the way for Israel’s current defense technology

· Regarding Iran, the regime there wants to spread Sharia influence throughout the world, including here in the United States

· Daniel spoke of how politics has infected journalism, and agendas against Israel influence how the media presents the Jewish State through negative perception

· Regarding the Abraham Accords, it has brought many Arab nations together with Israel

· There are two main political issues here in the U.S. that are causing Israel difficulties:

o The push to establish a Palestinian State, which does not help the civilians, it only financially benefits whichever dictatorship is in power… (on a side note from Emmit: the Palestinians have, many times, made demands, and when those demands were met, they turn around and reject them)

o The extreme liberal left here in the U.S. is looking to stop all aid to Israel, which would hurt the American economy because most of the aid Israel receives from America, is spent right here in America

· Israel wants a strong America, God-fearing Christians want a strong America

September 12th, 2023 Update

Webinar/Security briefing with Israel’s Defense and Security Forum (I.D.S.F.)

Guest speakers:

Brigadier General Ari Singer
Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus

A brief summary of topics covered:

· Israel is prepared for the possibility of war on Lebanese and Syrian fronts

o No longer a threat from one front or the other, but entire northern region

· Israel also prepping for multi-front war

o Lebanon

o Gaza Strip

o Judea and Sameria

o Even inside of Israel’s borders

· Declassified numbers regarding rockets potentially used against Israel

o Lebanon – 130,000 rockets

o Gaza – 30,000 rockets

o Syria – 10,000 to 15,000 rockets

o 4,000 rockets per day could be fired into Israel’s borders, this would force a “gloves off” response from Israel

· Not only would Israel be under rocket fire, but also political and diplomatic fire as well

· Israel’s enemies continue to use civilian locations to launch attacks from

· Israeli Defense Forces (I.D.F.) consist of 70% reserve personnel

o Mainstream media keeps reporting insubordination within the ranks, these reports are greatly exaggerated

o 99.5% of soldiers called up report for duty

o Media is attempting to demoralize Israel’s population, the IDF is being used as a political “tool”

· IDSF recognized the media’s campaign against Israel, has increased media outreach to combat false information designed to weaken Israel’s morale

· Israel’s enemies MISTAKENLY view them as being in turmoil and weakened from within, in reality, Israel is ready to defend herself, and any attacks against Israel would be a MISTAKE

· Hezbollah has gained experience fighting alongside Syrian, Russian, and Iranian forces inside Syria and have learned a “new” tactic… transferring the battlefield inside Israel’s borders

o The “upside” of this “new” tactic is that Israel has the tactical advantage and is well prepared to defend herself

· Israel has plans in place for a pre-emptive strike inside Lebanon should intelligence indicate Israel’s enemies are gaining political support in preparation for an attack

· The most important component of Israel’s military and defense are her people

o External political influences against Israel are concerning, but her soldiers tasked with defending the nation are prepared nonetheless

June 13th, 2023, updates


· Timeline of the June 3rd terror attack in Israel from the Egyptian border:

o 4:10am – a subcommander called into border post unit 203 by telephone, two Israeli soldiers reported area secure

o 6:09am – routine probe by other soldiers observed area still secure

o 6:34am – a lookout noticed movement near unit 203

o 6:50am – lookout checked area but was unable to see the invading Egyptian policeman

o 7:13am – soldier from a nearby unit hears possible gunfire from unit 203 position and sees movement, this soldier failed to report the incident, assuming she misheard due to heavy wind

o 9:03am – a subcommander and the next shift arrive to relieve the two soldiers, only to find them shot and killed

o 9:22am – a “dangerous operational situation” is declared

o 9:27am – a tactical drone and various units actively probe the area in case a manhunt for hostile forces is needed (some thought the terrorist returned back into Egypt)

o 9:34am – another person tries to cross into Israel from the Egyptian border, but flee back into Egypt – this convinced some Israeli officers the incident was over

o 9:48am – despite the possibility of the incident being over, the entire battalion moves into manhunt mode

o 10:37am – one of the battalion sub-commanders believes she has identified the terrorist at a concealed elevated position

o 11:08am – a tactical drone is launched which confirms that the concealed man is armed and likely the terrorist they are searching for

o 11:35am – a first attempt is made to engage the terrorist, but during the firefight, a third IDF soldier is killed and a fourth wounded

o 12:22pm – a second, more coordinated multi-sided engagement is initiated

o 12:24pm – the terrorist is killed

o IDF personnel killed by the Egyptian policeman in the terror attack:

§ Staff Sergeant Ori Yitzhak Iluz – 20 years old

§ Staff Sergeant Ohad Dahan – 20 years old

§ Sergeant Lia Ben Nun – 19 years old

o The Egyptian terrorist was found to be in possession of a Quran

o Egypt officials have offered “different versions” of the event, saying that a member of its security force had crossed into Israel pursuing drug smugglers and exchanged fire with Israeli troops

o The Israeli military says that it will discipline three officers in the case of this terrorist attack involving the Egyptian policeman that killed three of their soldiers and exposed a series of mishaps

In other Israel news:

· Israeli PM Netanyahu to United States: “No deal with Iran will bind Israel to not do whatever is needed in order to protest itself.”

· Hashem Safi al-Din (head of terror group Hezbollah’s executive council) says:

o “If Israel makes a mistake in its calculations, our missiles will reach Tel Aviv and the Radwan force will enter the Galilee. The walls that Israel built on the border are destined to be destroyed – we will reach the hills and streams behind them without a doubt. Israeli society is collapsing from within, the current leadership is corrupt – all of this indicates the weak and fragile social structure.”


· Today, Iran possesses enriched uranium 23 times higher than allowed by the 2015 nuclear agreement

· A month ago, Iran had 4,744kg of enriched uranium, 114.1kg of which was enriched to 60% (a total of 42kg uranium enriched to 60% is required to make a weapon)

· This is only based upon the information is known about (there is much unknown)

Other world news:

· World Economic Forum (WEF) top official calls for artificial intelligence to “rewrite Bible”. Official calls for Scripture to be “rewritten” by A.I. to create a globalized “new Bible”.

· Hundreds attended a Protestant church service Friday in Germany, generated almost entirely by artificial intelligence, with a sermon presented by the A.I. chatbot ChatGPT. Theologian and philosopher Jonas Simmerlein used ChatGPT to craft the event, saying; “I conceived this service – but actually I rather accompanied it, because I would say about 98% comes from the machine.

Sources include, but are not limited to:

· Israeli Defense and Security Forum (IDSF, Brigadier General Amir Avivi)

· Amir Tsarfati telegram channel

· Times of Israel

· Jerusalem Post

Israel and Middle East Update - April 20, 2023

Saying there is a lot going on in the Middle East is an understatement.

There are countless twists and turns, and it can be difficult to follow because each nation is jockeying for position, both politically and militarily. The region is undergoing shifts in power as they brace for continued, and in some cases, increased armed conflict.

Every country in the middle east is recalculating their steps in response to recent developments in the region. In short… the middle east is a powder keg with a short fuse.

Here we go…

· The Israeli foreign minister visited Azerbaijan and will travel to Turkmenistan

· Some of these locations are only about fifteen miles away from the enemy border of Iran

· Israel is securing relations with countries that are positioned around Iran that include…

o Iraq

o Azerbaijan

o Turkmenistan

o Oman

o U.A.E.

o Saudi Arabia

· Iran is becoming increasingly concerned about the relations Israel is forming with countries that surround them

· While Israel is forming relations with actual countries, Iran continues to plot with different proxy organizations around Israel (think of Iran using terror organizational “sub-contractors” to surround Israel)

· The commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard recently admitted that they are behind all the rocket attacks against Israel that came from Gaza, Lebanon, and Syria

· There is a pending agreement between Saudi Arabia and Iran, but there is nothing in the agreement that says the Saudis cannot have continued relations with Israel

· Biblically speaking… the coming Ezekiel 38 prophecy regarding a seven-nation invasion of Israel from nations that include Russia, Iran, and Turkey tells us that the Saudis (Biblically known as “Sheba and Dedan”) will protest this invasion, but will not come to Israel’s aid

· But don’t be misled by the Saudi/Iranian deal because…

o The Iranians hate Israel, but they also hate the Saudis

o The Sunni Muslims hate Israel, but they also hate the Shiite Muslims

o Saudi Arabia is not in Iran’s “back pocket”, but they wanted a quiet border with the Houthis, and they got it, they wanted business with China, and they got it

· The civil disturbances in Sudan continue, and should this grow into all-out war, Iran is standing by to arm/assist either side so that Sudan itself will become an Iranian proxy

· Regarding relations between Israel and Turkey…

o Turkey is one of the nations involved in the coming Ezekiel 38 invasion of Israel

o Political relations have publicly warmed between the two nations, but Turkish President Erdogan is dealing with elections and skyrocketing inflation, so he needs to do business with Israel… for the time being

o Erdogan has been sending Turks into Jerusalem as tourists and funding them through “charitable” organizations

o The Turks are starting to buy local business in Jerusalem and increasing their presence there

o When the pieces are in place, Erdogan will show his true intentions and the Israeli Arabs who live in the region have already pledged their allegiance to the Muslims and Erdogan… they will turn and fight against their own countrymen

o Israel knows all of this

· Senator Lindsey Graham met with Saudi Arabian officials…

o The U.S. is looking to strengthen ties between the nations

o China is now in the mix with Saudi Arabia as they are now the largest consumer of Saudi oil and that puts the U.S. in a difficult position

o Senator Graham told the Saudi officials that the U.S. wants to do business with them, but to do this the Saudis must be at peace with Israel

o Saudi officials told Senator Graham that the Saudis want:

§ A U.S. security agreement, that the U.S. will ensure their security, an “umbrella” agreement backed by N.A.T.O.

§ Free trade with the U.S.

§ The Saudis want a nuclear program, and they want the U.S. to supply and supervise it… the U.S. knows that if they won’t do it for the Saudis, Russia and/or China will step in and do it for them, which would be disastrous for U.S. foreign policy

o Senator Graham also recently stated that regarding the situation between Israel and Iran… “Israel will not allow Iran to build a nuclear bomb, and we are just around the corner from a military conflict in the region

o It is being reported that Israeli P.M. Netanyahu told Senator Graham that “either you stop them, or I will stop them, and it has to happen right now

· There is a lot of movement and preparation on several areas against Israel, especially in Gaza, Lebanon, and Syria, situations quickly change, and Israel is monitoring as many movements as possible

· The “Big Picture”… global balance is changing, and the Middle East region is changing… this is not good for Israel

· Israel is shifting from a “containment” approach to her enemies into a new reality as the prospect for a major war is growing

· Three scenarios that Israel is prepping for…

o They are taken by surprise because everything is already in place

They initiate preemptive action (that would bring regional war, worldwide affect)

o Israel fears they may have no other choice and are preparing for it

o A U.S. led coalition against Iran/Hezbollah/Hamas that would quickly quell any resistance, this would have the least affect on a global scale

o Russia, China, and Iran are united because of the sanctions from the west, they have built an economic “eco-system” to collectively overcome these sanctions, Russia and Iran are dependent upon the Chinese economy

· The east views western governments as weak, unwilling to act as the U.S. is unwilling to take a leadership role in the Middle East because the administration is focused on building up to challenge China in the Pacific and Russia in Ukraine, pretty much ignoring what is going on in the Middle East

· Israel wants to build a coalition with the U.S., U.A.E., and Saudi Arabia to challenge the weakest link in the eastern coalitions… Iran

· Syria has aligned with Iran, and Iran is free to move about within the country

· Saudi Arabia has recently hosted the Muslim Brotherhood as ties with Iran are being normalized, the Saudis have not totally abandoned relations with the west, but they are sending a message to western governments that time is running out

· The Abraham Accords could be affected by recent developments

· Hamas is no longer just a local problem in Gaza, it has expanded and is affecting the areas of Judea, Samaria, and Syria… if left unchallenged, Judea and Samaria could be just like Gaza in six to twelve months

· The Israeli army needs to be kept away from politics because it is causing division within the ranks, Israel’s enemies know this

· There is the possibility of a multi-front war for Israel, including from within the country herself as Israeli Arabs could riot from inside… the police and border patrol have been tasked to handle this, which is why Israel wants to strengthen her National Guard

· Lebanon’s government and economy are basically non-functional

Sources include, but not limited to…
· Amir Tsarfati (YouTube, Telegram media)
· Jerusalem Post
· The Times of Israel
· Brigadier General Amir Avivi (Israel Defense and Security Forum)

Israel and current world events update - January 25th, 2023

Israel updates:

· Israel and U.S. are conducting joint military drills, the largest in Israel’s history. The drills are titled “Juniper Oak 2023” and is intended to send a strong message to Iran about Israel’s readiness to strike. Heavy bombers are being used in this drill that carry ordinance capable of penetrating the earth to destroy underground facilities.

· Following the placement of air defense systems at the Al-Jarrah military field in Aleppo, a Russian/Syrian ceremony was held in which the field was inaugurated after renovation and upgrading of its infrastructure and military equipment. The Russian presence at this base may present Israel with new challenges (like how to neutralize the air defense systems without harming Russian forces).

· Despite strained relations, PM Netanyahu made an unannounced trip to Jordan and met with King Abdullah II last Tuesday. The leaders discussed regional issues like strategic, security, and economic cooperation between Israel and Jordan.

· The strategic importance of Israel to the U.S. has never been more important as PM Netanyahu’s new government is still identifying Iran as the number one issue.

· Israel wants the U.S. and western governments to understand that the situation with Iran is not simply a problem for Israel, it is a global issue as Iran is continuing their pursuit of uranium enrichment.

· PM Netanyahu is pursuing peace with Saudi Arabia, there are reports of a peace deal in the works that dwarfs the current “Deal of the century”.

· Israel and Morocco signed a peace agreement. Morocco is suffering because of Iran’s global agenda to control the supply chains, Iran is also weaponizing Morocco’s enemies.

· Israel says they have two options to address the situation with Iran:(1) Go it alone(2) A U.S.-led coalition with Israel and NATO Russia/Ukraine updates:· The military buildup between Russia/Iran/China is on a scale never seen before.

· Russia has been preparing to invade Ukraine for over two decades and have had policies in place to “sidestep” the inevitable sanctions issued by western nations, in fact, western nations are themselves suffering from the effects of their own sanctions as supply chains have been affected and inflation has resulted. These sanctions have also had an unforeseen effect in that they have strengthened the unity between Russia, Iran, and China.

· Iran is still weaponizing Russia with missiles/drones, Russia in turn provides air defense. There are reports that Iran is also sending weapons to Venezuela.

· Russian news agency TAAS confirmed that the frigate “Admiral Gorshkov” is in the western Atlantic Ocean and carried out computer simulation drills of firing a hypersonic Zircon missile against targets of 900km. The ship is on a mission “to demonstrate Russian naval presence in important strategic areas of the oceans”.

· Russia has made some significant advancements over the last few days in both the eastern and southern areas of Ukraine.

· Poland is concerned about these latest advancements and the effect it may force NATO countries into. Armored vehicles (and soon tanks) have been seen in Poland enroute to Ukraine.

· Western nations are becoming increasingly concerned because recent Ukrainian casualties have been topping triple digits daily.

· Some Ukraine regional governors are beginning to resign (four deputy ministers and five district heads) because they are expecting a heavy Russian attack/advancement. There are reports that President Zelensky is banning the personal travel of any government leadership.

· Pressure is mounting on Germany to supply Ukraine with tanks, Germany’s response may be dependent upon the U.S.’s decision to supply Ukraine with Abrams M1 tanks. Update to this… the U.S. admin has said it will send M1 Abrams tanks to Ukraine; Germany has followed by approving the delivery of the Leopard 2 main battle tank.

· U.S. and western leaders are calling on Ukraine to abandon the city of Bakhmut and prioritize preparations for a counterattack in the southern region of the country.

Some world news:·

The Science and Security Board of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists moved the hands of the “Doomsday Clock” forward, largely (but not exclusively) because of the war in Ukraine. The clock now stands at “90 seconds” to midnight – the closest to global catastrophe it has ever been. Now God has already told us how things are going to go, and nothing in creation (including humans) have the power or authority to alter God’s will from happening, but what I take from this information is that even the secular community is realizing “something’s coming”.

· Sweden and Finland want to join NATO, Turkey is furious about this (possibly due to an incident in Stockholm, Sweden involving protestors burning a Quran). This is also an election year for Turkey’s President Erdogan. NATO membership must be unanimously accepted, Turkey is a major hurdle for Sweden to join. Sweden and Finland usually work in concert together, but Finland is considering moving forward with its NATO application for membership without Sweden.

· The frequent drone attacks by Russia on Ukraine mirror a challenge that is growing for the U.S. military in just about every operational environment. The U.S. Army is working with a California company to develop microwave weapons that can fry airborne electronics. The counter-drone company Epirus announced they have won a $66 million prototyping contract from the Army’s Rapid Capabilities and Critical Technologies Office for an experimental “Leonidas” counter-drone microwave weapon. This weapon is a laser-like directed electromagnetic pulse, or EMP weapon.

· Japan and India launch first joint air-combat drills on January 12th amid growing Chinese threat in the Asia-Pacific. The exercises are called “Veer Guardian 2023” and conducted by members of the Indian Air Force and the Japan Air Self-Defense Force, taking place at the Hyakuri Air Base, the closest military air base to Tokyo. The exercises will end on January 26th. Aircraft participating in the drills include the F-2, F-15, Su-30 MKI fighters, IL-78 refueling tanker and C-17 transport aircraft.

· A recently discovered letter from Pope Benedict to Vladimir Palko in 2015 warned against the “expanding power of the Antichrist”. The embargo of this letter ended with Benedict’s death. A quote from the letter reads; “As one sees the power of the Antichrist spreading, one can only pray that the Lord will give us mighty shepherds to defend His Church against the power of evil in this hour of need.” ·

U.S. airstrike kills approximately 30 terrorists in Africa and destroys three vehicles. The strike occurred about 160 miles northeast of the capital of Mogadishu and killed dozens of al-Qaeda-linked fighters in Somalia on Friday as they fought a huge battle against the Somali National Army. The terrorists were associated with the group al-Shabaab. The strike was requested by the Federal Government of Somalia. No civilians’ injuries or casualties were reported. · Saudi Arabia is trying to convince Yemen to distance themselves from the Iran regime.

· The country of Lebanon is almost “non-functional”. They are suffering from a political crisis, an economic crisis, and an energy crisis. Last Tuesday, the Lebanese Lira opened trading in a free-fall (54,000 Lira per U.S. dollar).

· Estonia’s foreign minister announced he will work with Finland to close the Gulf of Finland to the Russians – according to the doctrines of war, this is a called a “casus belli” – justified reason for war. Sources include but not limited to: · IDSF/Brigadier General Amir Avivi

***Good afternoon church family. Before you dig into this update, I want you to know that some of it is troubling to read. It’s times like these that we need to remember God is in absolute control. He’s never been caught off-guard, and never will be. Everything is falling into place exactly like He said it would, and He’s got a perfect track record.

Holy Spirit dwells within the body of every believer, and you will never experience any separation from Him. When we exit our earthly tents, either by rapture or rupture, we are immediately ushered into His eternal presence. It's not that you’re “going” to be with Him… you already are. I don’t give you these updates to scare you, I do it so you are aware of what’s going on in the world around us, including right in our own back yards. Today’s church, by and large, is asleep as the pages of Biblical prophecy are jumping out at us in real time. God foreknew you before you were formed in the womb, and He put you in a specific place and time according to His will. It’s not a mistake that you’re in the world right here and now to see these things come to pass. The closer we are to Yeshua’s return, the more “birth pangs” the world will experience. Take a deep breath and remember our sermon from October 9th… “You’re going to be okay”. - Emmit (or as my immediate family calls me… Tom)

· Americanmilitarynews.comNews update for 10-17-2022 Regarding Israel…· There is a coming maritime border agreement between Israel (that is currently under a transition government) and Lebanon. The U.S. government is putting heavy pressure on Israel to sign this agreement. The problem is… Lebanon is controlled by Hezbollah (who is a division of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard) and they have no intention of keeping the agreement. Regarding Israel and Russia…

· Members of Israeli government stated yesterday that because Iran is helping to arm Russia, and these weapons are being used against Ukraine, it becomes an ethical issue for Israel to help arm Ukraine.

· The deputy head of Russia’s parliament, Dmitry Medvedev, warns Israel than any weapon shipments or military aid to Kiev will “destroy Moscow – Tel Aviv relations”. This is absolutely a threat from Russia against Israel.Regarding Russia and Ukraine…

· Russian troops in Belarus spark fears of new front for Ukraine. Despite their involvement already (kamikaze drones have been launched from Belarus against Ukraine, specifically Kiev), the president of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, has shown resistance being pulled directly into the war but pressure from Moscow is increasing.

· The government of Belarus is accusing Ukraine of training “terrorists” and sending them into Belarus to carry out attacks.

· Belarus’ Ministry of Defense stated that they reserve the right to take preventive measures of “strategic deterrence” to prevent incoming attacks. Belarus has begun the deployment of rockets and weapons across the country as they prepare for war.

· If Belarus opens this new front in the Ukrainian war, this will be extremely hard on Ukraine because most of their efforts are on the fronts in the south and southeast.

· If this front opens up in Belarus, this could be where N.A.T.O. steps in to intervene. This is why Russia has already mobilized their strategic nuclear options in order to deter N.A.T.O. intervention.

· Reports are beginning to surface that Russia (specifically Moscow) has converted underground parking areas into make-shift shelters.

· The headquarters of Ukrenergo (an energy transmission system in Ukraine) has been attacked as Russian forces aim to cut off electricity to the Ukrainians before winter.

· The U.S. administration allowed the U.N. Security Council sanctions on Iranian weapons exports to be lifted and the kamikaze drones that are being used to attack Ukraine are made by Iran. Now that these sanctions have been lifted, Russia will never approve new sanctions against Iran because they are benefiting from the use of these drones.

· Not only is Iran denying selling these drones, Russia denies buying them.

· There are videos coming out of Ukraine showing locals attempting to shoot down these drones before they hit their targets.

· These kamikaze drones were originally called the “Shahed-136 drone” that Russia has renamed the “Geran-2 drone”.

· Venezuela is also beginning to purchase some of these drones, as well as Lebanon and Hezbollah (which will undoubtedly cause problems for Israel).

· China, India and many other countries are telling their citizens to leave Ukraine, Serbia has evacuated their embassy.Other world news…· “Iran international” is reporting that Iran’s Revolutionary Guard has begun large-scale military drills in the northwest area of Aras along the borders of Armenia and Azerbaijan. Sources include, but not limited to, “Amir Tsarfati Telegram channel”, “Wall Street Journal”, “The Telegraph”, “Newsweek”, “Jerusalem Post”, “Israel 365”October 3rd, 2022 News regarding Israel…

· Britain is considering moving their embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

· Yesterday, Senator Ted Cruz expressed concern over the Biden administration’s pressure on Israel to forge a maritime border with Lebanon. Senator Cruz tweeted, “I am deeply troubled that Biden officials pressured our Israeli allies to hand over their territory to the Iran-controlled terrorist group Hezbollah. Another topic for the next Republican Congress to investigate.”

· Israeli PM Lapid said yesterday that Jerusalem and Beirut were discussing the “final details” of the agreement, though noting that “it is not yet possible to praise a done deal.”

· Also yesterday, former Israeli PM and current opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu heavily criticized Lapid, saying he had “shamefully surrendered to (Hezbollah chief Hassan) Nasrallah’s threats.” News Regarding Iran…

· Iranian currency has reportedly hit an all-time low as rioting continues within the country. The Iranian Rial was traded this morning at a rate of 33,000 Rials to one U.S. dollar.

· Iran has been rocked by three weeks of protests as demonstrations were ignited by the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini. She was arrested by the Iranian “morality police” on September 13th for removing her hijab and wearing “tight pants.” Hours after her arrest, she was transferred by ambulance to the Kasra hospital and later died. Authorities later stated Amini had died from “preexisting conditions” but her family insists she was healthy. Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi has ordered an investigation into the incident.Tehran leadership is blaming the U.S. for the protests, saying they are being fueled by “thugs” and “foreign enemies”. Labor strikes and protests at universities have spread across Iran and demonstrations around the world have been held in solidarity. Some have turned violent with cars and shops burning. Media reports state 19 security personnel have been killed as troops used tear gas and live ammunition to quell the riots. Reports of civilian casualties vary, some going as high as 150. Many people have been arrested. Some protestors can be heard chanting “Death to Khamenei” and “Death to Palestine” (because the Iranian regime takes money from their own people and uses it to empower the Palestinians against Israel, in essence, Iran’s people are starving and the gov’t is giving their money away).

News regarding Russia…

· NATO has warned its member states that Russia has deployed the K-329 Belgorod nuclear submarine, which carries the Poseidon nuclear torpedo. This torpedo is called the “weapon of the Apocalypse” as Russia may conduct test launches in the area of the Kara Sea. A torpedo equipped with a nuclear warhead is capable of causing a “radioactive tsunami” to hit coastal infrastructures and create vast zones of contamination.

· As reported a few days ago, the U.S. and it’s allies are saying they would destroy Russia’s troops and equipment in Ukraine as well as its Black Sea fleet if Putin deploys nuclear weapons. - Other world news…

· The document on “Human Fraternity” (signed by the Pope Francis and Sheikh Ahmed Al Tayyeb in Abu Dhabi in February of 2019) was adopted at the 7th Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions in Kazakhstan.

· The international community is still pointing fingers at each other regarding responsibility of the Nord Stream pipeline sabotage. Most popular theories seem to be Russia themselves (in an act of self-sabotage as an excuse to escalate the Ukraine war), U.S., Turkey, or a combination of global assets (to escalate and expand the Ukraine war).

· Europe is bracing for the possibility of widespread blackouts due to their energy crisis.

· The ceasefire between Saudi Arabia and the Houthis in Yemen has expired. The Houthis have already issued threats to Saudi Arabia and the U.A.E. regarding attacks on their oil infrastructures. Iran is most likely behind this threat.

· Regarding the war between Azerbaijan and Armenia… Azeri soldiers are capturing Armenian soldiers and executing them on the spot. Details are too graphic to post.

· Elon Musk unveiled Tesla’s humanoid robot

*Sources include but not limited to…“israel365.com”, Jerusalem Post, Amir Tsarfati, John Haller and the “Italian daily La Repubblica”.

[Previous Updates]

09/22/2022 A few more updates…

First…The interim Prime Minister of Israel, Yair Lapid, is set to endorse the “two state solution” (with barely any public support) to the UN General Assembly today. This move would greatly jeopardize Israel’s national security.

Next…Putin announced the draft in Russia, ex-military personnel are set to be drafted first, followed by those who never served. Those drafted will train for a month and then be sent into service. Russian airlines and railways are reportedly refusing to sell tickets to men between the ages of 18 and 65 to keep people from fleeing the country. Panic and protests in Russia in response to the draft with hundreds arrested. Putin and Medvedev are threatening the use of tactical nuclear weapons, Putin adding, “this is not a bluff” .A senior US General said if Russia uses nukes, the US will destroy the Russian fleet in the Black Sea. Russia’s stock market has lost about 8% of its value. Russia and Belarus are holding security consultations in Moscow.

09/20/2022 Here’s our first update…

Israel isn’t the focal point of this one… yet. Amir Tsarfati is reporting that Vladimir Putin and his defense minister are about to update Russia on the situation in Ukraine. Up to this point, Russia hasn’t officially referred to the Ukraine situation as a “war”. It’s called a “limited operation” and have only been using conventional weaponry and regular military personnel. However, reports are coming in saying that is about to change. If it does, Russia will enact the draft for 18-45 year old combat able men. A declaration of war also opens the door for Russia to use more sophisticated weaponry.

Also, the two regions of Donetsk and Luhansk are said to be preparing a referendum to annex and join with Russia rather than continue as independent regions. Russia also has a mutual military pact with Belarus in which each one will support and defend the other in the event war is declared.

Lots happening on the world stage, just as King Yeshua said it would as the time of His return draws closer. Remember, He blessed His saints with the Spirit of hope, not fear. No need to be fearful, but we must be aware and watchful as the seconds of God’s prophetic clock continue to tick by.

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